December 1, 2021
The American Dream Forever

Power Line: The Three Whisky Happy Hour: Go Brandon Edition (#283)

Lucretia, looking typically unconvinced by one of Steve’s arguments.

This week’s episode, recorded with a live audience on Zoom, was off the hook a little more than usual, as Lucretia was in a grumpy mood (despite Steve changing up his whisky selection in a futile attempt at appeasement), and audience questions and comments came flying in fast and furious. Yet somehow we managed to cover a lot of territory, from an after-action report on this year’s Indigenous Peoples Day Columbus Day holiday, to some new perspectives in the “voting irregularities” of the 2020 election, to the glories of Popeye’s fried chicken, which apparently triggers the snowflakes at Yale Law School.

Stick around to the very end to take in the exit music from Ton Danks, who offers us the one of the first and best country music takes on “Let’s Go Brandon!”

Oh, and apparently is it some guy’s birthday today. Maybe this guy:

The happy warrior!

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